The nHANCE™ products have evolved from more than twenty-five years of research, testing and studies in exercise physiology laboratories, and clinical and real-life environments, conducted by Dr. Per Tesch of the Karolinska Institutet, along with partners around the globe.

The main objective and research challenge was to define the ultimate method to optimize the benefits of resistance exercise training, regardless of individual needs or environment. Or, to put it differently: “Given how muscles really function, how can muscle, speed, strength and power be acquired with the least possible input of time and energy?”

From past and ongoing research the key events that triggers muscle- and neuromuscular adaptations to resistance exercise training are now rather established, not yet known and available to all. However, day by day, more knowledge is gained in this area. One such key to success is providing resistance overload during eccentric actions. Hence, the obvious challenge was to design hardware, and define exercise methods and training regimens that would provide eccentric exercise stimulus more effective and powerful than that offered by weights, motor driven devices or any other existing exercise method.

Advancement was spurred by a concurrent challenge to employ resistance exercise in space to combat muscle loss in astronauts and facilitated through an assignment by NASA. Thus, there was an urgent quest for non-gravity dependent exercise hardware simulating the physiological benefits of resistance exercise on earth.

The NASA project promted for an extensive R&D program that produced the patented flywheel principle, using non-gravity dependent inertia to offer unlimited resistance during coupled concentric and eccentric muscle actions, just the way muscles really work.

As a result, the YoYo Technology™ founded by Drs. Hans Berg and Per Tesch, was born. Subsequent research, funded by NASA and other renowned institutions, produced remarkable findings to support use of this novel exercise system to enhance athletic performance, prevent injury and speed up rehabilitation after injury or trauma. Thanks to highly successful cooperation with the very best sports science laboratories, professional athletes, physiotherapists, coaches and medical doctors, YoYo Technology™ is now implemented into a range of versatile exercise machines.

Today our company serves elite sports performance centers, teams and professionals athletes, fitness and rehabilitation clinics, as well as NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), with state-of-the-art exercise equipment. Equally important, we offer physiological expertise, consultancy and, advanced education in the field of exercise training, and eccentric training in particular.