“ BlaceEdgeTM is a Multifunctional training tool for a better foot mobility, stability, balance, and performance. It´s the only board on the market made for extremely tough use on individual and group/team and gym settings. The BlaceEdgeTM products are built for champion athletes as well as any normal users. This means that our products are built to withstand the toughest usage under the most challenging conditions imaginable. That, in turn, requires the highest possible quality of all material and true precision in assembly. BlaceEdgeTM is the first device to focus on to the comprehensive foot performance enhancement regardless of the user level”.

Package includes:
• BladeEdgeTM
• Storage bag
• Instruction poster

Weight: 1.5 kg (3 lbs)
H/W/L: 31 cm/ 11 cm/4,5 cm
Frame: aluminum
Upholstery: rubber
Locking: black special index pin
Capacity: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Maintenance: frame and rubber parts should be cleaned using mild soap or detergents.

Have you ever thought that ankle and foot could be your weakest point for success? Might sound strange or at the same time very familiar. Too often people are having problems around the ankle or caused by it but not knowing how to solve or train it. Biggest risk factor to have a new ankle injury is the latest ankle injury and how was it rehabilitated. How was yours?

Too often during rehabilitation time just justifies the usage of the foot, regardless of the performance of the foot. On the other hand, foot and ankle area are way often too neglected body part in training, even though people understand the importance of the comprehensive preparation. We understand the importance of the foot, the final point of the force and power transferred against the platform. It needs to be the most mastered piece of art, controlled by the owner of the foot. People need a strong and stable arch which was the keynote when BladeEdgeTM was designed.

It´s unique reversible blade is designed to enhance function of the individual subtalar joint anatomical axis hence mastering the control and function of the pronation and supination movement of the foot.

BladeEdgeTM is THE training tool designed to build better foot function specific to the architecture of your foot. The key element for building a durable, performance and foot driven athlete. We developed BladeEdgeTM to help you.

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