Unstable Vibratory Platform with exclusive functions to cover all your needs for the most professional sectors of physical training and rehabilitation.

VIBALANCE, an unstable vibratory platform that allows for the combination and improvement of all the beneficial effects associated with vibratory stimulation and instability training, is designed to meet all the needs of professional sectors dedicated to PHYSICAL TRAINING, whether for the enhancement of health or athletic performance.

With VIBALANCE, it is easy to modify the type and degree of instability, to work on an incline or decline plane, or even to convert it into a stable vibratory platform.

VIBALANCE also introduces new and exclusive functions of adjustment and control of vibratory stimulus via its 3.5” TOUCH SCREEN, optimizing performance and making it a vibratory platform of greater versatility and functionality.

Incline variable

You can partially modify the instability of the vibratory plane by varying its resistance to the inclination.

Rebound training

With REBOUND TRAINING, you can do different SSC exercises for different sports.

Working with instability

Vibratory instability: new options in design, adaptation and progression of exercises.

Decline/incline plane

Working on the DECLINE plane: a great tool for preventing patellar tendinopathy.