Byomedic System is a leading Spanish manufacturer of high technology training devices which are widely used in TOP clubs, Universities, rehab centers, gyms and federations all over the world. SPORTO is official distributor to all Byomedic devices in Germany and Finland.

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VIBALANCE, an unstable vibratory platform that allows for the combination and improvement of all the beneficial effects associated with vibratory stimulation and instability training, is designed to meet all the needs of professional sectors dedicated to PHYSICAL TRAINING, whether for the enhancement of health or athletic performance.

With VIBALANCE, it is easy to modify the type and degree of instability, to work on an incline or decline plane, or even to convert it into a stable vibratory platform. .

VIBALANCE also introduces new and exclusive functions of adjustment and control of vibratory stimulus via its 3.5” TOUCH SCREEN, optimizing performance and making it a vibratory platform of greater versatility and functionality.


Chronojump-Boscosystem measures and manages sport short-time tests. It is a free academic solution used in the laboratory and in the field.



  • Eccotek Training Force® is an inertial machine for eccentric and concentric training that improves training processes of muscle strength and power. It prevents injuries and is an ideal complement to enhance joint stability.
  • Eccotek offers a system with no resistance to gravity through the rotational inertia cone with a variable cam storing the energy of the sportsman giving through the concentric contraction releasing the energy back to the athlete, which dissipates during the eccentric contraction.
  • Eccotek allows us to copy the sporting gesture in any discipline generating a variety of exercises making them more
  • Eccotek uses rotation technology through its unique cone.
  • Eccotek offers four adjustment modes allowing users to customize speed and strength depending on the sporting gesture.
  • Eccotek is particularly suitable for rehabilitation treatment of tendon and muscle disorders helping patients overcome physical and emotional barriers associated with injuries.
  • Fully functional work with Eccotek, using anklets, different height wall bars to work full upper extremities, different handlebars, vests, unstable platforms, etc.
  • Optical sensor built to control the parameters of strength, power, speed, etc … with the measuring device CHRONOJUMP – CHRONOPIC INCLUDED IN THE MACHINE.