The Knee Extension is furnished complete with 2 pcs flywheel #2 (Inertia .05) and user’s manual.

Weight: ~70 kg (incl. packaging for shipping)
H/W/L: ~1.05 m/ ~0.61 m/ ~1.21m
Frame construction: Powder coated steel; aluminum
Seat, back support and foot pad: Reflex blue high quality lace
Resistance mechanism: ø 0.37 m aluminum flywheel(s)
Resistance: Variable, unlimited
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs and pulley
Flywheel strap: Special fitting dense polymer
Power supply: None

Incredible in isolating and building quadriceps muscle size and strength, the nHANCE™ Knee Extension allows for either uni- or bilateral exercise. Leg pad on swinging arm is adjustable for leg length and range of motion is set by setting strap length. Ready for use upon delivery.

The most time-efficient strength training device I have ever used. nHANCE™ training maximizes concentric and eccentric loading yet offers a great and smooth servofeel.

                – Ove Rytter, Health & Fitness Entrepreneur, Strong Events.