The Squat Ultimate is furnished complete with 2 flywheels (Inertia 0.025 and .05); one (1) vest (when ordering chose from S, M, L, XL or XXL); pulley, rope for adjusting range of motion, spare strap, and user’s manual.

Weight: ~40 kg (incl. packaging for shipping)
H/W/L: ~0.20 m/~0.50 m/~1.00 m
Frame construction: Powder coated aluminum; anoxized details; rubber mat
Support platform: Aluminum with two (2) foot supports
Resistance mechanism: ø 0.37 m aluminum flywheel(s)
Resistance: Variable, unlimited
Transmission: Ball bearings, acetal hubs and pulley
Flywheel strap: Special fitting dense polymer
Power supply: None

Originally engineered for use by astronauts, and to fit into a mid-deck locker on the Space Shuttle, the Squat Ultimate unloads the shoulder and spine, yet offers the most effective and powerful quadriceps work out experienced.

The nHANCE™ Squat Ultimate also offers the uni-lateral squat aiding athletes, who rely on powerful lateral actions and change of direction, e.g., hockey, soccer, football, tennis, rugby, basketball players.

The functional exercises that can be performed using this machine are endless and only limited by the creativity of the athlete or coach. Optional exercises, e.g., up-right row, arm curls, pulls, deadlift and many more require the multi-purpose handle device (MPHD) and preferred handles or bars (not provided). Adjusting for desired range of motion is simply done by pulling or releasing a ”sailors rope” changing strap length (not shown).

The Squat Ultimate features a lateral foot support as safety guard. Given the low mass and small envelope, the machine is convenient for transport, and readily displaced. Like all nHANCE™ equipment, the Squat can instantly be used upon delivery.

Today’s athletes are seeking for the ultimate method to get a performance edge. This genius exercise technology has been beyond my highest expectations.

                – Inge Johansson, Sweden (Head Coach, Swedish Olympic Weightlifting Federation)