For the commercial gym, with ambitions to attract people who are really serious about their training, the nHANCE™ exercise machines can do wonders! We can almost guarantee, that once gym members have tried a few intense sets on any of the nHANCE™ machines, they will prefer this over any conventional weight stack or free weight training – the difference is huge and the feel through the full exercise motion is truly sensational to anyone!


ESA astronaut, commander Frank de Winne working out on the nHANCE™ MultiGym on the International Space Station (ISS).

Starting in late fall 2014, the nHANCE™ is presenting the “ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™”; a training concept based on the scientifically designed exercise program for NASA astronauts for building muscle pre, during and post space flights!

The ASTRONAUT WORKOUT ™ is performed in small groups of 4-7 people simultaneously, led by a Personal Trainer.

The workout is performed solely on the the nHANCE™ MultiGym – originally developed for use on space stations and space shuttles. A work out on the the nHANCE™MultiGym provides an ultra-efficient and totally unique workload to the muscles – in the full range of motion of every exercise – yet it’s a very safe form of strength training, even for the inexperienced as well as for the elderly.

One out of the ten exercises in the ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™, Tricep Press, performed on the nHANCE™ MultiGym.

The original ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™ has now been adapted and modified to fit regular “on-earth” conditions and we’ve developed it into a high-intensity, eccentric training strength workout for the whole body, with 10 different exercises, performed in small groups of 4-7 people simultaneously. The workout is always led by a coach/Personal Trainer, for purposes of timekeeping, monitoring and to keep the intensity at the right level through the whole workout; The ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™ is highly time-effective; each of the ten exercises are done in 3 sets with 7 repetitions/set and the total workout can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

The the nHANCE™ ASTRONAUT WORKOUT™ is a unique new training concept, enabling scientifically proven efficient strength training in small groups at the gym. Given the time-effectiveness vs. the results gained from this workout regimen, this concept should appeal to both gym owners, Personal Trainers and club members alike.